Crazy College GFs on Campus at a Pool Party

crazy college gfs

These crazy college gfs always love a good pool party. In fact, they pretty much do anything they can to meet guys and fuck a hard cock stud. It’s pretty much inevitable that if you go to a pool party with a bunch of cool girlfriends and you’re able to get them to do a wet t-shirt contest then you’re getting laid. No question about it really! This was one of the coolest campus parties I’ve ever been too. I got laid and the college girls got cock. It was a win-win for all!

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Nude College Ladies Fuck on Cam

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Who does not love a good wet tee shirt party? This hot group of college ladies are ready to put on their tight whites and get all wet all over! They even skip the panties and go for the bare bottom look, showing off exactly how cool college campus is with their hot asses! They take the water like champs, their hard nipples instantly visible through the now completely soaked shirts. They grab some hula hoops and have a little nude hula competition before heading back in and letting those titties have a nice bounce while they get fucked! How is that for a fun on a crazy college afternoon!


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Campus Pussy Rules Sex Video Submission

What do you get when you mix four very hot college girls with tight dirty pussies, a couple rock hard cocks, and a fun campusiscool video idea? You get an awesome sex video submission, you get a whole lot of blow jobs, tons of hand jobs, and even more fucking! These girls are quick to lose their tight t-shirts and jean shorts, but they are even quicker to start making out with each other to get these guys hard! Smart girls! They get hard so quickly that these girls are soon filling their mouths with cock, their pussies with cock, their asses with cock, cock, cock! If they work hard enough they might even get nice hard cum shots at the end of all of this! How lucky for them!

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Campusiscool Tobasco Sauce Blowjob Challenege

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What does a college guy get for taking the campusiscool tobasco sauce challenge? How about a nice girl or three? After taking on this spicy challenge he is surrounded by a gaggle of girls who want to pay tribute to his cock, and well, on campus challenges rule so is he to stop them? He loves getting his dick sucked by as many girls as possible. Who doesn’t really! One redhead, one blonde, and one brunette all go to town on his hard cock, sucking it hard before spreading their legs wide and giving it a hard fucking. He tries to keep track of who does what best, but honestly he can barely contain himself and before long he is cumming all over these lovely ladies! Guess he should take on challenges more often!

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Campusiscool Porn Dick Sucking Game

campusiscool porn

We’ve got a real special treat for you today folks. It’s a game that is played daily and these college kids will go to crazy lengths to prove that campus is cool during this game. It is a Friday night and they are ready to play another round of who is sucking my dick! Five lovely ladies team up and take a hard cock hostage, putting a bag over his head and taking turns sucking his cock. He has to guess who is sucking his cock! He isn’t very good at that game, so instead they play ‘what hole are you fucking’ and switch off who he is fucking and where he is fucking them. He is much better at that game and they reward him by making him cum all over them!

Campusiscool Porn


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College Kegger Party Turns Into Fuck Fest

It’s another crazy college kegger and this time it gets off the charts insane! These hot and horny college coeds have been dying through finals and now it is time to blow off some steam! The horny college girls take off their clothes and the guys get rock hard dicks and the real fun begins! They love hanging out in the Campusiscool dorm too and they tend to have tons of hot friends to fuck! One hot Asian girl takes two cocks by the hand and one by the mouth for a fun tug and suck session. Another ebony beauty grabs her pale friend and takes her for a ride on the hard cock express, until they all reach climax mountain and fall asleep in a pile of sex and beer!

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Collegerules Campus Outdoor Blowjob

collegerules campusiscool

It is pool party time but these college coeds have more than swimming on their minds. They want to have a nice hard fuck for all in this backyard! Three sneak off to have a little fun in the corner, two girls and one incredibly lucky guy. After getting fucked hard by one girl and getting his cocked sucked by another he watches them eat each other’s pussies out before he can’t take it anymore and has to fuck one of them some more! He bends her over and remembers exactly how cool collegerules campus life is before plowing into her sweet college pussy.

Campus Is Cool

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Three Blondes, One Ebony College Girls Campusiscool Sex Video


Take it off! Take it off! That’s how this party got started! This shy blonde girl might not want to take off her bra but once she does all of her inhibitions go away. Soon all the girls are naked and the men are admiring their sweet asses, but they want to see some butt licking! One courageous young blonde takes on an ebony beauty, but when the boys see how that black ass performs they want to fuck it not watch someone else lick it! They pair off and fuck the girls as hard as they can, proving once and for all that college campus is cool when you have fuck worthy friends. Visit the official CampusIsCool site for more!

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College Girls Huge Dildo Sucking Contest on Campus

Make no mistake about it, when it comes to hot girls fucking and sucking in college Campus is Cool takes the cake. Here’s what went down here with this one. These college girls are in need of some serious girl time. They strip down to their panties and have a little campus fun all by themselves, playing sexy nude party games and even teaching one another to suck a huge dildo. When a knock comes at the door the ladies consider putting on clothes, but instead open the door nude and invite the lucky cock in! He can’t believe his luck, these girls actually want to practice on his hard dick! Once they getting sucking down they take turns fucking him and this dude has no complaints about his accidental fuck fest, he will not forget this night any time soon!

campusiscool porn sex

College Porn Videos

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College Ladies Fuck For Fun Campus Is Cool

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Time for a study break! These ladies know what this hard working boy needs; he needs three lovely ladies going down on him! If you had a brunette, raven haired and blonde beauty respectively offering to fuck you, would you say no? Campusiscool knows this fuck sure didn’t and now you can watch him ream these lovely ladies for everyones fucking pleasure. While he is working with one girl the other two work on one another, so everyone is satisfied by the end of this very sensual study break. Guess it’s good that the class is anatomy and the night is so young and these horny ladies aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!  If you want to check out more campus cool porn then we’ve got plenty of videos for you.

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